There is a small update to the theme. Thanks to Mathew Turland for pointing it out.

In theme.php the line
$this->assign('nav_pages', Posts::get( array( 'content_type' => 'page', 'nolimit' => 1 ) ) );
was changed to
$this->assign('nav_pages', Posts::get( array( 'content_type' => 'page', 'status' => 'published', 'nolimit' => 1 ) ) );
to prevent deleted pages from showing up. You can download the new theme now or just replace that line in theme.php.

The theme is at .3 Alpha now. Added were:

Make sure to use the archives page you install the Monthly Archives and Tag Cloud plugins then create a page in the Habari admin called "Archives" (without quotes).

I've made a few changes with the theme. It's now at .2 alpha. The changes made were:

  • Moved the feeds to the "Meta" heading
  • Removed the HTML and CSS validation links (who really clicks those anyway? ;) )

In the future I would like to add:

  • Support for conditional statements for popular plugins such as "Recent Comments" or "Flickr."
  • Support for the "About" section in the sidebar
  • Archives page template

Here is the download for the PhoenixBlue for Habari theme. The code is kind of ugly and it might still break, but this version is what you're seeing on this site now. If anyone would like to download it and help out, I'm sure the Habari community would be grateful. Download PhoenixBlue for Habari now!

I'm porting the modified WordPress theme PhoenixBlue that I released long ago to Habari. Why? Because, well, I think it's great looking. I'm pretty much done with the layout and whatnot, now I have to test it. I'm not going to validate it because, well, I suck at coding and when I read about the errors I go into a blank stare. So, if anyone wants to take a look at the code and help improve this so it can be released to the Habari Community, let me know. Thanks!

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